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Physical attraction

What makes us attracted to others and what do we find attractive on them? Is it the look, the way they go with their hand through the hair, lean body, nice smile, eyes, clothes, figure..?

Whatever it is, why is it? Why is it that thing? Is it one big thing or couple of smaller ones? Is it because of our parents or immediate family? Something mum/dad did when we were young and we liked it because it was associated with a good feeling or warm meal we enjoyed? Is it just chemicals in our brain taking over and deciding what we like and what we don’t? Do we have a search image in mind from previous relationships that we compared them to without consciously realising it?

Going through a crowd today these questions crossed my mind so I thought I’ll write about it. I personally believe that we have a search image, a collection of experiences from relationships, surroundings, society and so on. One of my friends mentioned that it’s a silhouette which I think is spot on. If it matches search image, we continue further. For example I’m lean and perefer someone similar to those qualities hence when I see woman that goes beyond my search image boundaries, I usually don’t look any further.

I’m not trying to be shallow but to describe what drives us and why we find someone attract as opposed to someone else. Surely I know that everyone has other qualities besides looks and I respect that but about that some another time.

What is attractive to you and why? Share in comments

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