I was born in Slovakia in 1982 in a little city called Trnava or “Little Rome” for its many churches. I have two brothers and one sister that just recently got married.

In 2005 I was spending lots of my time talking to my friends or unknown people online. Because of that I failed the exams at the university but I improved my writing, grammar and I was talking to my friend Peter at certain day, certain time. At that time I was newborn Christian, visiting Christian webpage forum and discussing everything about bible, Jesus, devil, fear – you name it. I was as well going to the church on a regular basis at least 3-4 times a week and once a week for a conffesion. I also read few books about saints and christianity in general.

After about a month, I was talking to my forementioned friend Peter. We were arguing a lot about christianity and because I was raised as a christian, I had strong roots and didn’t want to shaken my reborn-found faith.

As he tried many approaches and ways to shaken it, he asked me one question that made me think. Big time. He asked me: “Are you happy?” And because I am honest, I had to answer him that I wasn’t.

Because in Bible Jesus wants for us to be happy I had doubts about my faith and heading and I started to read book about different religions. How could I believe in one religion knowing nothing about the other? I read about zen, taoism, Tibetian book of death and so on.

Because I was raised as a christian in a very strict environment I didn’t have much self-confidence. That changed with series of books Conversation with God from Neale D. Walsh which restored it.

I was happy.

I started to practice cchi-kung, went to Israel, became vegetarian, fast for 5 days and fast without drinking for 3 days (I don’t recommend doing that).

In 2007 I left Brno and Czech republic and went to study English to Australia as I always wanted to understand movies in English and being able to communicate fluently. After that I found a job in a school where I was studying as an IT manager.

My main focus is spirituality, diet, health and wellbeing. I’m trying to gather as much information as I can and to give something valuable back.