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Embrace the challenge

Everyone has challenges. Perhaps the ones happening to others seem trivial to us and vice versa but everyone is going through tough times at some point. Challenges are there to make us stronger, to make us grow, to go beyond our current status quo and learn new things and see things from a new perspective. […]

How to get the most out of your reading

I’m not sure about you but I usually don’t remember much out of what I read. I read, something sticks but it’s not as comprehensive as I’d like it to be. Recently I started doing something that helps me to improve it. I bought an A4 binder book for $0.19(!) and have one for each […]

New books

I’ve been slacking a bit with reading lately so thought it’s a great time to get back into it (summer is coming after all). I went to my local and only Dymocks and went on shopping spree. I got: The Misfit Economy from Alexa Clay & Kyra Maya Phillips How to build a billion dollar […]

Time, space, distance and our perception

This might sound very complicated but trust me, by the end it won’t be. It has been raining without stopping past couple of days in Brisbane. When it rains, I don’t like to ride my bike so I took my car instead and went to a morning yoga session. It’s a bit gloomy so I turned […]

Why size matters?

Have you seen the world map? I’m sure you have. What if I told you that it’s wrong? What if the size of one country is larger than the other? This is exactly what is happening. Gall-Peters projection is showing the size of the countries and continents as they are which means that Africa is […]

Norm Brodsky – Street Smarts (review)

Norm is pretty sharp guy, no questions. His dad taught him the first lessons of business and despite the fact, that he went to college and came out as a lawyer, he built some great and big businesses. In first chapter he mentions right away that his business failed by a bad decision – acquiring […]

Physical attraction

What makes us attracted to others and what do we find attractive on them? Is it the look, the way they go with their hand through the hair, lean body, nice smile, eyes, clothes, figure..? Whatever it is, why is it? Why is it that thing? Is it one big thing or couple of smaller […]

Nassim Taleb – The Black Swan

What is a black swan? Nothing extra ordinary if you’ve seen one but if you’ve only seen a white one and suddenly you get to see a black one, you’d be surprised. Black swan is a term for events that we don’t or can’t anticipate but have a big impact on our lives and reality. […]