New books

I’ve been slacking a bit with reading lately so thought it’s a great time to get back into it (summer is coming after all).
I went to my local and only Dymocks and went on shopping spree.

Books I bought
I got:

The Misfit Economy from Alexa Clay & Kyra Maya Phillips

How to build a billion dollar app by George Berkowski

The art of creative thinking by Rod Judkins

David & Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell


Wealth secrets of the 1% by Sam Wilkin
I’ll be reviewing them or writing. Bit about them in the coming weeks as I’ll be going through them. They seem very interesting and about topics and things that I’m very interested in.

I’m currently reading Body Mind Mastery by Dan Millman, one of my favourite authors. My girlfriend really loved it so I thought I’ll give it a go as I haven’t read it.

What are you reading now and what are your reading plans? Let me know in the comments below.
PS I’ll be adding some more tech articles as well re security and so on. Stand by.

Norm Brodsky – Street Smarts (review)

Norm is pretty sharp guy, no questions. His dad taught him the first lessons of business and despite the fact, that he went to college and came out as a lawyer, he built some great and big businesses.

In first chapter he mentions right away that his business failed by a bad decision – acquiring a business that wasn’t healthy.

From the first chapter we follow an example of a business started by his friends in technology. Salesperson that got fired and wanted to join his wife and her friend that were working together but barely surviving. Norm helped them to get the business off the ground and in almost every chapter showed an example what questions they asked and how he helped them through it.

Firstly they asked him whether the business would work – Norm crunched the numbers and found out that no way for 3 people. Wife’s friend would have to be let go and even then they’d barely survive.

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The Black Swan

Nassim Taleb – The Black Swan

What is a black swan? Nothing extra ordinary if you’ve seen one but if you’ve only seen a white one and suddenly you get to see a black one, you’d be surprised.

Black swan is a term for events that we don’t or can’t anticipate but have a big impact on our lives and reality. To explain it – imagine a market that steadily grows 7% a year but suddenly starts growing 20, 30 or even 40% for a couple of years. It almost defies gravity. Then suddenly plummets all the way to the bottom. Massive losses, people jumping out of windows as they lost everything and have half or even less than what they had. No one saw it coming. Black swan. An unexpected event.

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Winning investment habits of Warren Buffett & George Soros

The Winning Investment Habits of Warren Buffett & George Soros

This is a unique look on investment habits of two richest and most successful investors of our time. Both have different and unique approaches however some things have in common. Author mentions 7 investment sins that most investors have and then in subsequent chapters analyses them and compares them with the two successful investors.

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