How to get the most out of your reading

I’m not sure about you but I usually don’t remember much out of what I read. I read, something sticks but it’s not as comprehensive as I’d like it to be.
Recently I started doing something that helps me to improve it. I bought an A4 binder book for $0.19(!) and have one for each book. I write all the details I’m interested in and want to remember like quotes, themes and main ideas from the book. The idea is that when I return or lost the book, I can go back to it, flip throug a few pages and still get most out of it.

Body Mind Mastery hack
While I write I also commit it to my long term memory so I certainly get more out of it.

Does it take longer to read a book? Yes! But the benefits outweigh the drawbacks as you’ll get more out of it, know exactly where to find the key concepts and remember/retain more.

Do you have any ‘hacks’ for reading retention? Share in the comments!
Happy reading! 🙂

Why size matters?

Have you seen the world map? I’m sure you have. What if I told you that it’s wrong? What if the size of one country is larger than the other? This is exactly what is happening.

Gall-Peters projection is showing the size of the countries and continents as they are which means that Africa is 14 times larger than Greenland.

What is the practical difference? Social equality – because size matters.

Fashion Silhouettes

Physical attraction

What makes us attracted to others and what do we find attractive on them? Is it the look, the way they go with their hand through the hair, lean body, nice smile, eyes, clothes, figure..?

Whatever it is, why is it? Why is it that thing? Is it one big thing or couple of smaller ones? Is it because of our parents or immediate family? Something mum/dad did when we were young and we liked it because it was associated with a good feeling or warm meal we enjoyed? Is it just chemicals in our brain taking over and deciding what we like and what we don’t? Do we have a search image in mind from previous relationships that we compared them to without consciously realising it?

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